It’s Time To Graduate

It’s Time To Graduate

Another graduation season has come and gone. Families and friends everywhere have celebrated the achievements of their loved ones. Whether it be from high school, college or even kindergarten, each graduate has done the work to move to the next level. They have studied the required materials, endured and passed tests to exhibit their knowledge and overcame numerous hurdles to rise to the top.

There are other areas of our lives where we should be “graduating” as well. On our jobs we seek promotion and advancement. In a significant relationship, we move from girlfriend/boyfriend to fiancé to spouse. Just like we advance in these areas, we should be moving forward in our spiritual lives over time.

If we are still reciting the same verses, saying the same prayers, or dealing with the same challenges, we have not graduated in our spiritual walk. If we have not moved from merely reading and talking about God to an actual relationship with God then we have not progressed to the next spiritual level. If we are still looking to only be taught and fed the Word of God and not been studying it for ourselves and sharing it with others we have not advanced.

In Hebrews 5:11-16, we find the writer confronting the people about this very issue. He tells them that by that time, they should all have been teachers of the Word, but instead they were still needing someone to teach them the basic, elementary truths of God. They were still drinking milk like babies and had not yet progressed to solid food. In other words, it was time for them to graduate; to move to the next stage in their Christian walk.

Take a few moments to think about where you are right now compared to where you were. Have you moved to solid food? Have you graduated or are you still at the elementary stage? God wants to hand us our diplomas, but He is waiting for us to do the work to rise to the next level.

  • Yvonne Morgan
    Posted at 02:03h, 28 June Reply

    We must always move forward in our faith. We will always have more to learn and understand. God bless

    • S. A. Foster
      Posted at 02:00h, 29 June Reply

      So true. There is always more to learn. Thanks!

  • Stephen De La Vega
    Posted at 03:19h, 28 June Reply

    This is a good message. We all need to keep on growing and striving…and humbly allowing God to shape and mold us. Personal study and prayer is critical. Thank you for this encouragement.

    • S. A. Foster
      Posted at 02:55h, 29 June Reply

      Thank you. I like your comment about “humbly allowing God to shape and mold us.”

  • Candice Brown
    Posted at 09:16h, 28 June Reply

    Moving forward is crucial. In the true sense of the word, graduating does not mean we have arrived. It means we have attained a higher level but need to keep moving, least we backslide. I was just tweeting about this, as concerns recovery from drugs and alcohol. Thank you for this well-thought out blog!

    • S. A. Foster
      Posted at 03:02h, 29 June Reply

      Good point! Thank you for sharing that.

  • Jeanne Takenaka
    Posted at 17:48h, 28 June Reply

    I like your analogy with graduation and moving forward in our Christian lives. Great points here! I once heard it said, there is no standing still. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. We must be intentional, right?

    • S. A. Foster
      Posted at 03:06h, 29 June Reply

      Being intentional is a good way to think about it. Thanks!

  • Ava Pennington
    Posted at 00:00h, 30 June Reply

    Was thinking about that same quote as I was reading this: there’s no standing still!

    • S. A. Foster
      Posted at 03:26h, 04 July Reply

      Exactly! Thanks for reading.

  • Jessica Brodie
    Posted at 14:05h, 02 July Reply

    I appreciate this! It’s true that we must not become stagnant in our faith walk. We must grow as disciples!

  • Melissa Henderson
    Posted at 14:15h, 02 July Reply

    Very interesting. I pray that each day I will grow stronger in faith. His guidance comforts me.

  • Beth Bingaman
    Posted at 20:29h, 02 July Reply

    This reminds me of James, too. We are not just to hear the Word, but to do what it says. They will know us by our fruit. Thanks for the “kick” to think about how I am doing with these things.

  • Karen Friday
    Posted at 14:47h, 04 July Reply

    Excellent analogy and post! I hope to always be graduating to the next level in my spiritual walk. Learning and reciting more of God’s Word…changing me to look and be more like Jesus Christ,

  • Julie
    Posted at 21:33h, 04 July Reply

    Great p0ints! Thank you!

  • Ava james
    Posted at 21:35h, 09 July Reply

    Really thought provoking! So much wisdom in these words.

  • Nancy E. Head
    Posted at 00:44h, 10 July Reply

    Love this word of encouragement! God bless!

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