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Dr. S.A. Foster

Dr. S. A. Foster helps women to live distinctly through authenticity by showcasing their strengths and staying true to their core identity and values. She believes that our distinct presence is a present to the world so she teaches women how to unwrap their gifts, step out of their boxes and to walk boldly in their God-given purpose.


Dr. Foster is a contributing writer for Empowered Women Faith Club (empoweredwomenfaithclub.com). Her devotionals can also be found on BelovedWomen.org, ibelieve.com, Christianity.com and Crosswalk.com. She is the author of three inspirational books, Woman of Honorable Distinction: Lessons from Lydia, Go! God’s Call to Action: A 30-Day Devotional and Mother of Honorable Distinction: Lessons from Elizabeth.

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