Are you ready to distinguish yourself in everyday life and to GO fulfill your purpose? Check out my latest books!

Woman of Honorable Distinction:

Lessons from Lydia

No matter where you are in your life right now, you can distinguish yourself as a woman of honorable distinction. A woman of honorable distinction is one who stands apart from the rest because of her integrity and faith. Her reputation speaks for itself and she demands respect. In the Bible, in the book of Acts, we meet a woman named Lydia. She is a worshiper, a businesswoman, and a loyal friend. She is a persuasive woman who has a positive impact on her household and those around her. Lydia is a woman of honorable distinction. As you journey through this story of Lydia, you will learn nine valuable lessons on how to distinguish yourself in your everyday life. Like Lydia, you can become the woman of excellence that you were always meant to be – a woman of honorable distinction.

Go! God’s Call to Action:

A 30-Day Devotional

God is commanding you to GO! He has given you a unique purpose and mission that only you can fulfill and He is calling you to action right now.

From the Old Testament to the New Testament, God moved His people to action with this simple 2-letter word. God told Moses and Abraham to go. Jesus told the woman at the well and the disciples to go. Time and time again we see individuals overcoming their doubts and fears to follow God’s call.

This devotional will highlight important lessons from Scripture on how God commands action from His people. In this book, you will learn how to:
* get out of your comfort zone
* overcome self-doubt
* trust God with every aspect of your life

Are you ready to answer God’s call to action? It is time to GO!

Mother of Honorable Distinction:

Lessons from Elizabeth

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, was a woman of faith, grace and favor. Elizabeth distinguished herself as a virtuous woman and faithful mother who has inspired countless generations of women. Elizabeth was a mother of honorable distinction. In this book, you will learn ten valuable lessons from Elizabeth on overcoming adversity and embracing the miraculous gift of motherhood. God can use your challenges and your victories to instill a legacy of faith and purpose in your children. Like Elizabeth, you too can be a mother of honorable distinction.

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