If you have read some of my previous blog posts, you know that fall is my favorite season. There are several reasons for this including the fact that I am a fall baby. ? But seriously, I love watching the leaves change colors. I love feeling the cool, crisp air and the opportunity to wear my two favorite things – boots and coats. I love the official start of the holiday season.

The best part of fall is that it is a season of change. Every fall I reflect on the concept of change because that is what fall is all about, but this year, I am going to shift slightly to focus on the word “evolve.” Evolve means to develop or to progress. It involves moving from one stage to the next. Evolve symbolizes growth and maturity. As we get older, we should all be evolving mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We should not be in the same place we were a year ago, 5 years ago or 10 years ago. The world and the people around us have evolved and we should be advancing and doing the same.

So take a minute and evaluate your situation. Are you reacting to negative people and challenging situations the same way you did 10 years ago? Are you worrying and complaining about the same things you did 5 years ago? Have your relationships evolved? Have you grown in your relationship with God and are you listening to Him or are you mindlessly saying the same canned prayers and reading the same two scriptures?

If you are doing the same things and expecting different results that is a problem. For starters that is considered THE definition of crazy, but it also implies stunted growth. Over time, we should be evolving and growing in our daily walk. We should be climbing to higher ground and blooming with wisdom.

So use this season of change to not only do something different but to do something that will move you in a new direction. Do something that will force you to grow and develop into the person you were meant to be. Evolve!

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