Where Will You Go From Here?

Where Will You Go From Here?

In previous posts we have focused on questions related to who, what, and when. Today, I want to focus on the question of where. The word “where” implies a location; a destination. Most of the time, it is referring to a physical place, but can just as easily be applied to a broader state of being. Where are you in your walk with God? Where are you in fulfilling the mission that God has given you? Where are you in pursuing your hopes and dreams?

When I wrote my first book, I initially thought that was all God had for me to do. Mission accomplished!
After all, I had written a WHOLE book. I had spent hours researching, writing and editing. Surely there was nothing left for me to say or do. Surprisingly, in the middle of writing the book, I started to get thoughts and ideas for additional books. I had to start keeping a log of ideas as they were coming to me. I quickly shoved all those ideas aside to focus on the book, but discovered that I just could not escape the ideas and inspiration I was getting. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that God was not finished with me yet. He still had plans for me. My God-given mission had not been accomplished; it was only beginning. Where would I go from the first book? Back to the laptop to write the second and to start outlining notes for the third.

What mission has God given you to accomplish? Have you started working on it yet? Are you near the finish line and ready to celebrate and take a break? I have news for you…God is not finished with you yet. If you are still breathing, God still has plans for you. You just need to ask Him for the blueprint and prepare for the task ahead.

Where will you go from here?

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