The Climb

The Climb

Disappointment is an unavoidable part of life. Your favorite team loses a critical game. Disappointment. You didn’t get that raise or promotion you know you deserved. Disappointment. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. It is all part of the roller coaster we call life.

So, the question is not whether or not disappointment will occur, but rather how you will handle it when the inevitable happens. If you will imagine a roller coaster, you know that things typically start off slow, steady and straight. Then you climb up a steep hill, excited with the anticipation of reaching the highest heights and facing the unknowns on the other side. You reach the top, pause, take in the sights, take a deep breath and then things just get downright crazy from there. You go from 0 to 100 and there are twists, turns, flips and dips in the journey. Then, you find yourself down low, only to do the climb all over again and eventually end up right where you started….slow, steady, straight.

So what happens at every low point in the ride? You climb! The roller coaster never stops in the valley and stays there. It heads right back up to the top. That is exactly how it is with life. We were never meant to stay in the low places. We were designed to climb right out of the valley, right back up to the top and to always live in anticipation of what is on the journey ahead. Now the ride up is not always smooth. If you have ever been on an old, rickety wooden roller coaster you know that the ride up can be bumpy, loud, shaky and can feel a little unstable. That is ok though because you are still climbing and moving up out of the valley.

So the next time you face disappointment, tighten your seat belt and get ready to climb. It may be a slow, bumpy, shaky process but it is all part of the journey. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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