Happy Black History Month! I know it has been a while since my last post, but honestly I couldn’t decide on a topic. I started writing a post about the dignity, courage and quiet strength of Rosa Parks after watching the movie Behind the Movement.  I started researching her quotes and her life story and was all prepared to write and then I saw Black Panther. WOW…that movie can be a whole blog in and of itself. I cannot even begin to describe the excitement and pride I felt watching that movie. Then, just when I thought there could not possibly be another topic to write about this month I watched Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Listening to the history of these great institutions and the stories of the bravery of the students during the Civil Rights Movement was truly inspirational.

After watching all of these, the one word that repeatedly came to mind was “excellence.” Rosa Parks and other civil rights leaders demonstrated the excellence of nonviolent protest when confronted with violent and hateful ideologies. The movie Black Panther highlighted the excellence of black talent on and behind the screen. From the director, to the costume designer, to the screenplay writers, to the actors…pure excellence. The history of HBCUs illustrated the excellence of students who strived for education and knowledge in the midst of a society that wanted to keep them mentally in bondage.

As we wrap-up Black History Month, let us take time to celebrate the many examples of excellence from our past, our present and more importantly, be excited about all that is to come in our future. Whether it be Black History, Black Present or Black Future, it is all Black Excellence. Happy Black History Month and Wakanda Forever!

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