Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles

Recently I watched the movie “Miracles from Heaven,” a touching true story about a critically ill young girl who was miraculously healed when she fell into a hollow tree. What first appeared to be a tragedy on top of a tragedy, turned out to be a cure that only God could have orchestrated.

Beyond the obvious miracle presented in this story, one of the most compelling parts of the movie was when they flashed back through clips of all the actions of individuals that were truly mini-miracles for this child and her family. Throughout this family’s journey they encountered everyday people who stepped up to make a difference. In some cases, individuals took time out of their schedules to spend time with them. In other cases, they stepped out of their comfort zones by advocating on their behalf. These random people had nothing to gain by their actions beyond the knowledge that they in some small way had the ability and the opportunity to help someone else.

Every day we encounter miracles whether we acknowledge them or not. That phone call you received at just the right time was a miracle. The person you met at just the right place was a miracle. The detour you had to take that appeared to be an inconvenience was a miracle. God is orchestrating miracles each and every day both seen and unseen. Not only is He performing miracles in our lives but He uses us as instruments of His great work. Every random act of kindness that we do for acquaintances or strangers can make a difference. Never pass up an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. You may just be the “miracle from heaven” in God’s great plan on earth.

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