Season of E.A.S.E.

Season of E.A.S.E.

The Christmas season is officially here! Everywhere we look there are Christmas trees, decorations and lights. The Salvation Army bells are ringing and Christmas carolers are singing. It is a time of celebration! For some, the Christmas season can also be a time of stress. We can become overwhelmed by crowded stores and mounting bills and in the midst of it all, lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. This year, I invite you to relax and experience Christmas as a season of E.A.S.E.

Excitement – Have you seen how children’s eyes light up on Christmas morning? They are genuinely excited about the gifts that await them. We may not have that same level of unbridled joy about gifts on Christmas morning but as adults we can still be just as excited about the birth of Jesus. God gave us the greatest gift of all and we should rejoice.

Adoration – “O Come All Ye Faithful” is a popular Christmas song that beckons us to adore Christ. Adore is an intense feeling of admiration. We adore Jesus through our worship. We adore Jesus through our praise. We adore Jesus when we show Him just how much we love Him. During this busy holiday season, take time to simply love, admire, worship and adore Him.

Salvation – “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). Jesus was born to give His life for us; to be a Savior for each and every one of us. This Christmas, let us celebrate the unconditional love our Savior showed us on the cross.

Expectation – When the wise men went in search of the Messiah, they followed the star that would lead them to Him. Scripture says that “when they saw the star, they rejoiced with great joy” (Matt 2:10). Note that they had not yet laid eyes on Jesus, but the mere expectation of seeing Him caused them to rejoice. Like the wise men, we too should rejoice in the expectation of seeing Jesus. We should celebrate all that He has done, all that He is doing and all that we expect He will do.

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