Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Saying grace is a tradition upheld in households throughout the world. Grace may be said alone and in silence or it may be said aloud in fellowship with family or in large groups. A recited grace may be one line or a few and sometimes it may even rhyme or be sung as a tune.

Despite our commitment to this long held tradition, how often have we evaluated our motives and intentions? How often have we really thought about the words we are saying and truly experienced heartfelt gratitude? How often have we just recited memorized words or a quick one-liner without taking time to truly reflect on the One we are giving thanks to?

This Thanksgiving, as we say grace, I challenge all of us to reflect on what we are saying and to truly give thanks. Take time to think about the meaning behind the words and the One we are talking to. Let’s start here:

“God is great. God is good” – We serve a truly awesome God. He is good all the time and deserves all of our praise.

Let us thank Him for our food” – Having a meal on the table is something to be thankful for. To be presented with a smorgasbord of meats, side dishes and desserts on Thanksgiving Day is something to be overwhelmingly grateful for.

By His hands we all are fed” – Despite the human hands that prepared the food, God is the ultimate chef. He has provided the animals and vegetables that go into the meal, the resources to purchase the ingredients, the knowledge and skills to mix one thing with another and yes, the hands to prepare the meal.

Give us Lord our daily bread” – Our next meal is not promised, but this is our petition to God to keep providing for us. We need His blessings daily and we put our trust in Him to provide for all of our needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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