Self-Care in the Midst of Tragedy

Self-Care in the Midst of Tragedy

Today I was planning to start a blog series on the Beatitudes but then I woke up to the news of the shootings in Vegas. Every week there seems to be some new tragedy. We can barely get past the news of a deadly earthquake before the news of a record-breaking hurricane is reported. We can barely get past the news of a hurricane before hearing threats of nuclear war. We can barely get past the threat of nuclear war before the news of a mass shooting comes across our screens.

The constant barrage of negative news is exhausting and stressful. We can easily become consumed by worry and anxiety above and beyond the daily stressors of life. All of us should continue to pray for and offer assistance to the many victims of all the horrific events of the past several weeks, but we should be careful not to become victims ourselves. We cannot be of help to anyone else if we are sick, physically or mentally, due to a steady state of grief and fear.

Take a few minutes each day to turn off the TV and to unplug from the computers, tablets and phones. Close your eyes and just breathe. Monitor how you are feeling. Do a gut checkā€¦literally. Meditate on encouraging verses. Pray, pray and pray.

Remember, God is ALWAYS in control. Now, more than ever, we have to put our trust in Him.

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