Reclaim Your Time

Reclaim Your Time

A few weeks ago social media was abuzz with videos and even a gospel-inspired song celebrating Maxine Waters’ comment – “Reclaiming My Time.” If you have not seen the videos or have not heard the song, pause here and Google it.

“Reclaiming My Time” has become the anthem for all those who are ready to take back their time (for whatever reason). I, for one, love the phrase! Stuck in a boring, lengthy work meeting? Reclaiming my time. Being pulled in different directions by multiple different people. Reclaiming my time. Someone telling me worthless gossip or surrounding me with negative energy? Reclaiming my time. In the presence of ignorance or incompetence? Reclaiming my time.

There are only 24 hours in a day and if you subtract 8 hours for sleep (hopefully) and at least 8 hrs for work, that leaves only 8 hours. Once you factor in cleaning, running errands, etc. you can easily end up with only half of that time left to do the things you enjoy and really want to do. Do you want to waste that precious time on nonsense? Absolutely not! Identify what is important to you and reclaim your time!


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