Think Right

Think Right

Over the past eight years, we have had the opportunity to observe what true nobility looks like through the examples of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The grace, courage and integrity that this couple demonstrated in the midst of significant adversity was nothing short of extraordinary and their presence in the White House will be greatly missed.

Some of the synonyms for noble include words such as moral, honorable, upright, decent, and ethical. Simply put, a noble person is a good person. Phil 4:8 tells us that we should think about things that are noble. Some versions say honest or honorable. This Scripture challenges us not only to be a good, moral person, but to be a good, moral thinker. Of course, that may be easier said than done. We may not actively commit a sinful act, but that does not mean we are not thinking sinful things.

The inherent risk of having negative, unethical thoughts is that we become what we think about. Scripture says, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).” Our actions are influenced by our thoughts, thus, inappropriate thinking may inevitably lead to inappropriate doing.

I am sure that we all have a desire to be a noble person, but to do that we have to first think noble thoughts. In order to do right, we have to think right.

Reflection: Think about a time that you did something that was less than honorable. What were your thoughts leading up to that action?

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