The Superhero

The Superhero

imageYou ever notice how all superheroes have a special suit that they put on right before they go out and save the day? Some even wear a mask to ensure that their identity is concealed. They are doing great, heroic things but no one knows that, in most cases, they are still mere human beings with needs of their own.

Many of us frequently play the role of the superhero. We put on the suit and mask and run to the rescue of whoever calls. We are excellent caregivers who know how to care for others but somehow forget to take care of ourselves. When we put on the superhero mask, we may think we have the strength and endurance of Batman or Spider-Man, but truthfully, we do not. We become the villain in our own superhero story, putting our own health and well-being in danger, while sacrificing for everyone else.

We need to acknowledge that unlike the comic book characters, we do not have an alter ego that can swoop down to save everyone else at a moment’s notice. It is time to remove the superhero mask. That is not to say that we should not be of assistance to others but what it does mean is that we need to do so in a manner that protects our time and our own well-being.

We all know that on a plane the flight attendant reminds us to put our own masks on first before assisting others. Well the same thing applies in life. We cannot be a superhero to anyone else if we haven’t figured out how to first protect ourselves.

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