True Colors

True Colors

imageThis coming week marks the beginning of fall and that means cooler weather and shorter days. Bright, colorful leaves are a sign of seasonal change and the hallmark of the autumn season. People will travel miles and miles just to catch a glimpse of the perfect fall foliage. The same trees that have been ignored all year, while showing off their best green fashion, will now become the center of attention complete with drive-by paparazzi.

If you reach back to your early science days you may remember that leaves are green because of chlorophyll. During the fall, the production of chlorophyll decreases which allows the other pigments, that are already in the leaves, to come through. The colors are already there but it is not until this season of change that they start to manifest.

Change in our lives is inevitable. At any point in time, we are experiencing change in some area of our lives whether it be our relationships, our jobs or even our bodies. When we go through these times of change we have to remember that just like the leaves, we already have within us everything we need to excel. It may just take a season of change for our best and brightest traits to shine through.

One thing to note is that despite all of the changes that the leaves go through, the tree itself remains the same. It has its foundation rooted in the ground. We too, have a foundation that never changes. Scripture says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). So no matter what changes you are going through just know that your foundation is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. Embrace it and proudly display all of the true colors of beauty and strength that you have always had within you. It is your season to shine.

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