Say “Awe”

Say “Awe”

imageWhen you go to the dentist, they always tell you to say “ahh,” then they stick a little mirror in your mouth, look around, and act like your mouth is the most interesting thing in the world. Saying “ahh” allows the dentist to see details in your mouth and throat that they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. They have been trained to see all the intricacies of the teeth, gums, tongue and throat that the rest of us cannot see and our “ahh” gives them an even better view.

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by magnificent things. It may be a flower blooming, a tree blossoming with new fruit, a beautiful sunrise/ sunset, or a shimmering body of water. Even the intricate details of a spider web can be radiant (remember Charlotte’s Web?). How often do we pause to admire the beauty that is all around us? We need to change our perspective and be in awe of all the little miracles we get to witness everyday.

I have always been fascinated by the sky. It is obviously always there, but it is constantly changing. It is like God’s canvas that He uses to paint extravagant works of art. I love a colorful, artsy sunset. A rainbow always makes me smile and a rare double rainbow is truly something to behold. Whenever I allow myself to simply pause and look up at the sky, I can’t help but be in awe. It is like a mini-vacation where all of the cares of the world simply disappear. In fact, the picture that is on this post was taken just this week while I stood outside at a high school sporting event. All around me there were people cheering and yelling, but just for a moment it was like nothing else was there but that sky. Images like this remind me that God is truly the ultimate artist.

When I saw this sky, I caught myself saying “ahh…look at that sky” but today, I am going to change it and say “awe…look at that sky.” Like the dentist has been trained to see details that others cannot see with a simple “ahh” we can train ourselves to see the beauty in the world that others cannot see with a simple “awe.”

So, the next time you see something breathtaking, go ahead…just say “awe.”

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