Which line are you in?

Which line are you in?

imageWaiting is a part of life. We wait in line at the checkout counter. We wait in traffic. We wait for advancement. We wait for the right person to come along to marry. In fact, if we really think about our day to day lives we would probably be amazed at how much time we spend waiting for something to happen.

Recently, I went to Disney World. It had been several years since I last visited but most things were still the same including the crazy, long lines (some wait times can be as long as 2 hours!!).
The one thing that was different this time around though was the advantage of technology at my fingertips. Prior to arriving at Disney I had downloaded the app. On the app I was able to purchase our tickets, reserve our Fastpasses and at the park, find out current wait times for the rides. Despite the crowds, the heat and the long lines we were prepared and were able to make informed decisions about what we would wait for and the time we were willing to spend waiting.

In life, we can also make an informed decision on what we will wait for. We can choose to spend our lives anxiously waiting for all the things we hope will happen or we can choose to wait on the Lord and trust that everything will happen just as He has planned and in His time. Scripture says that those that wait on the Lord will “renew their strength, mount up on wings as eagles, run and not be weary; walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).” It says that those that wait upon the Lord will inherit the earth and the land (Psalm 37:9, 34) and that since the “beginning of time, men have not heard nor seen what God has prepared for those that wait on Him (Isaiah 64:4).” We can spend our whole lives waiting for the wrong things which can leave us frustrated, exhausted and weary or we can choose to wait on God and He will provide all that we need.

At Disney, when you approach each of the rides, there are two separate, distinct entrances – one for the regular line and one for the FASTPASS line. If you have a FASTPASS you can arrive at the ride at your designated time, go into the separate line and get on the ride before those in the regular line. What normally would be a 2 hour wait can literally become a 5-15 min wait. Similarly, in life, we can choose to stand in the regular line and take the long, hard route or we can “run and not be weary” in God’s line. Which line are you in?

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