Road Warriors

Road Warriors

imageWe continue our focus today on fitness with the second part of my interview with Detric Smith of Results Performance Training in Williamsburg, VA.

For many busy women, work or play means time on the road. Whether we are traveling for work or enjoying a much needed vacation, it is difficult to make time for fitness while on the road. Today we will learn how to be true “road warriors” by exploring how we can stay in shape while traveling.

1. For women that travel, what are the 2-3 things they can do on the road to stay in shape?

Detric: My biggest words of advice are to plan ahead. First, plan to bring (or buy) a few healthy snack and meal options that you can eat in your hotel room or wherever you are staying. This will help keep you on track as far as the nutritional side of things is concerned.

Next, always do your best to choose a hotel that has at least some exercise equipment. It may not be the ideal gym environment, but if you get creative, you can always fit in some type of workout in even the smallest of hotel gyms.

Finally, I’d say blocking off time to devote to those workouts is important. Again, plan this ahead of time. Figure out when in your day you’ll devote 20-30 minutes to getting in that quick workout. I find that doing it first thing in the morning is best. This way, nothing will crowd it out of your day. Schedules can be erratic when traveling, so you want to combat this.

By focusing on shorter time blocks – just 20 minutes say – you also combat the all or none mentality. If you ask a woman who’s traveling and busy to do 60 minutes of exercise per day, she’s more likely to just give up because it’s not realistic to find this amount of free time.

2. If we only have 10 minutes to workout, should it be weights or a quick jog?

Detric: When you’re short on time, strength training focusing on the core movements like push-ups, rows, shoulder press, deadlifts, squats, lunges, and so forth done without much rest in between sets is ideal. This gives you the benefit of strength training and cardiovascular exercise all in one. It’s the principle of Met-Con training I noted above and is how we structure our workouts for those who are busy.

People think of cardio as only being jogging, swimming, biking, elliptical and so on but this is not the case. While these may get your heart rate up for an extended time, they do little for your metabolic rate and can lead to overuse injuries in the long term.

3. What are your tips for eating out at restaurants? Do we really have to push away the bread?

Detric: I’d say you should focus on portion control. Bread and carbs are all okay in moderation, because at the end of the day, it comes down to calories in versus calories out.

The reason lower carb diets work is because they cause you to eat more protein, fiber, and foods with water like fruits and vegetables, all which fill you up. This results in a lower calorie intake at the end of the day without even trying. Then voila – you get weight loss.

I always recommend you stay away from extremes however such as very low carb or very low fat diets. You need to keep health in mind and all nutrients are needed to sustain a healthy body. Even high protein diets can be harmful if the protein intake is too high.


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