In Memory of….

In Memory of….

imageMemorial Day is a day to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces. Those individuals made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and protection and for that we should all be grateful. During this time I also like to reflect on family members who have completed their journey through this “thing called life.” (RIP Prince)  Over the years, I have mourned the loss of grandmothers and aunts who have passed away.  These women modeled the virtues of distinction and it was a privilege to silently observe their grace, their strength and their dignity. Some departed many years ago while others only recently, but today, this post is in memory of those women. This is what I learned from them….

1. Always look your best – My favorite picture of my grandmother is a glamour shot taken in her twilight years. She is dressed in gold, her hair is styled just right and she looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. Similarly, I can’t recall a time when I saw my aunts with a hair out of place even if it was just a backyard cookout. Even if they were casual, it was their casual best. These women were true divas who were comfortable in their style and dress. They taught me the importance of always putting my best face forward.
2. Be creative – In my home I have a lovely afghan and beautiful ceramics that were made by my aunts. They took great pride in creating something with their own hands and we were all blessed by their hobbies and creativity. When they did these activities they were focused and in the zone. These women modeled the art of meditation through creation and the importance of discovering my creative gifts and passion.
3. Have a signature dish – Growing up, the women in my family were great cooks and they each had a dish they were known for. There was never a family gathering without my aunt’s perfect potato salad or my grandmother’s famous rice pudding. I fondly remember my other grandmother’s mouth-watering raisin dumplings.  By their example, I learned the value of creating delicious memories with a signature dish.
4. Have a sense of humor – All of these women had an infectious sense of humor. Even if they appeared quiet, reserved, or serious, behind that exterior they were undercover comedians. I have shared many laughs with each of them and it makes me smile to think of those times. They taught me never to take myself so seriously that I cannot laugh at myself.

We all have women in our lives that have influenced us in one way or another. Their stories become our stories as we carry a little bit of them with us each and everyday. Take a few moments to reflect on the lessons you have learned from the women in your life and what has made you the woman you are today.

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