Go and Tell

Go and Tell

Over the past few weeks we have focused on the women in the Easter story.  In an earlier post, we focused on the group of women who stood near when Jesus was crucified. Today, we will focus on two of those women, Mary Magdalene and another Mary, who followed Jesus’ body as it was transferred to the tomb. A few days later these same women went back to the burial site; however, instead of finding Jesus there, they met an angel who informed them that Jesus had risen. He told them to go and tell the disciples the news and as they ran to tell the disciples, Jesus met them on the road. He too, commanded them to go and tell the disciples that He had risen (Matt 28:1-10).

The loyalty of these women was notable throughout this story and in the end, their loyalty was rewarded. Jesus’ resurrection is arguably the most significant event in the history of mankind and these women had a front row seat. Not only did they have the privilege of speaking with the angel that revealed the good news but also of being the first individuals that Jesus chose to reveal Himself to.

Interestingly, at the end of the encounters the angel and Jesus both instructed the women to “go and tell.” The women received the revelation and then they had the responsibility to go and tell what they had seen and heard.

During this Lenten season we have reflected on the women of the Easter story and what distinguished them as key witnesses to the cross and to the resurrection. In the process, we have had the opportunity to meditate on our own lives. We contemplated the state of the world around us and where our sympathies lie. We examined the precious contents of our “boxes” and prayerfully turned them over to Jesus. We honestly evaluated our circle of friends and acknowledged the importance of being a true friend to others.

As we come to the close of this season we are now called to action. We have received revelation and now we have the responsibility to act on what we have seen and heard. The word “go” is an active word. It implies movement and progress. If God has revealed something to you, He wants you to “go” and do something about it. This Easter, do not let your prayers and fasting be in vain. Take what God has revealed to you and “go and tell.”  Happy Easter!

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