The Monster Mask

The Monster Mask

imageScary monster masks are extremely popular during Halloween.  Adults and kids alike love to put on scary masks to frighten others around them and to run people away.

Many of us put on an invisible scary mask. We have mastered the art of keeping people at a safe distance and, if needed, we know how to run them away. It may be that we are afraid to let others get too close; afraid that they may discover our carefully hidden flaws. Perhaps we choose to keep people at a distance because we don’t feel worthy of their attention, love and support. Subconsciously, we can be doing all we can to sabotage our own relationships.

In order to remove our scary masks we first have to accept that we are all vulnerable, imperfect, human beings who deserve and are in need of the unconditional love of others. We have to be willing to open up to who we really are and to admit that we are all “flawed, beautiful creatures.” We have to be willing to let people (albeit select people) into our “circle of trust.”

At the end of Halloween night, all little monsters want to take off their masks so they can enjoy all of the treats and favors that people have given them. Similarly, we have to reach a point when we are eventually ready to remove our masks to enjoy all that others are willing to give to us.  Believe it or not, every little monster just needs a little love.

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